New Push for Release of JFK Assassination Records [Video Interview]

It’s been 53 years since the nation’s 35th president was gunned down in broad daylight in Dallas. And during those years a curtain of darkness has hidden information and records which could reveal the full story of what happened on that tragic day in November.

Listen to Dr. Cyril Wecht explain how he and others hope to pierce a government-imposed black-out on the murder of John F. Kennedy–and why finding the truth still matters, more than five decades later.

Video courtesy of John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Trump: Real Change or More of the Same? [Video Interview]

While most political prognosticators were predicting that Hillary would be elected president, famed Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente ( was telling his many followers that political and economic conditions were propelling Trump toward a victory. We interviewed him shortly before the election, to ask if a Trump presidency would change much in terms of war and peace, the American government’s demonization of Putin, and the direction of U.S. foreign policy. He also talks about the so-called military threat from China, and what he says is the American government’s irrational behavior in its treatment of other nations. Here is that interview:

The “Last Negro at Harvard” Fears Difficult Days Ahead with Trump in White House [Video Interview]

Kent Garrett was among a group of the first African-Americans admitted to Harvard University as the Civil Rights movement got underway. He went on to a long career in news production and reporting, working at CBS with Dan Rather, and at NBC with Tom Brokaw. He says Trump’s election to the presidency represents a retreat from the hard-won gains minorities have made since the 60’s. He says it also represents a loss of values which had been helping the nation move in a positive direction. He talked with us concerning those fears and apprehensions:

Will Trump Presidency Renew GOP Assault on Social Security, Medicare? [Video Interview]

Bryant Thomas has had a long career as news anchor and reporter, at WTIC in Hartford, and AP in Washington. Over the years, he has noted continuing Republican efforts to change, weaken, an even eliminate Social Security and Medicare as we know it. He says now, with Trump heading for the White House, and with the GOP controlling all branches of government we can expect a renewed attack on these so-call “entitlement” programs. Here is the interview.

It Can’t Happen Here? Maybe It Just Did!

It was back in 1935 that social critic and novelist Sinclair Lewis penned a book that seemed to predict the rise of a type of president that critics fear Donald Trump will become.  If you’re not familiar with the novel, here is a look at the trends that Lewis saw as a danger to our democracy, if not kept in check. CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO READ MORE: