Political Correctness at NYU: “Dangerous”

Political Correctness at NYU is destroying the values of free speech, free expression, and even freedom of thought, according to Liberal Studies Professor Michael Rectenwald. In the following video, the professor tells a story of the consequences he suffered, after posting tweets that were deemed offensive.

2 thoughts on “Political Correctness at NYU: “Dangerous”

  1. The scene in which everyone was chanting at some demonstration at about 25:50 into the video was frightening. It looked like a scene out of a cheap 70’s movie. Everyone had a nice clean equal sized sign and the chanting was uniformly perfect. Groupthink is alive and well. I saw this coming when a social studies teacher chastised me for reading “None Dare Call It Treason” as a high school sophomore in 1966 but said nothing when I was reading “Mao’s Little Red Book”. It was apparent then that the left was digging in for what now appears to be a complete hijack of the educational system. Common Core finished it off. Off course, after watching this interview I did some searching only to be led to NYU ‘s “Washington Square News”. After viewing this website, it sincerely made me fear for America’s future.

    1. Yes, Walt. I quite agree. Political Correctness is destroying the once-cherished value of making room for comments from all sides. Once upon a time, colleges taught students not what to think, but how to think. All this is moving in a very dangerous direction regarding the survival of Democracy.

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