Warren’s Crowds Swell –Enough To Put Her Over The Top?

Elizabeth Warren, once written off as a long shot to win the Democratic Presidential nomination, is now edging out Bernie Sanders as the main challenger to Joe Biden. But can the increasingly large and enthusiastic crowds she’s drawing spill over into strong support among a larger constituency?  That’s the topic of today’s discussion between On-Target’s Larry Sparano and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

Trump Cool Down on Iran –Blunder or Strategy?

While the U.S, continues to insist that the missiles that struck Saudi oil refineries recently were launched by Iran, Trump at the same time seems to be cooling his heals a bit about striking back, after tweeting that the U.S. is “Locked and Loaded.”  As with so many of Trump’s mixed messages, it’s again hard to tell if Trump is having second thoughts, or if his apparent reversal is just part of a carrot and stick approach to international relations. On-Target’s Larry Sparano has been trying to figure it out, as you’ll hear in this exchange with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

Trump’s March Toward War: Kupperman New Enabler

Looks like Trump has finally been given the excuse he needs to go to war with Iran. The U.S. is claiming that the drones or cruise missiles that struck Saudi Arabia’s oil refineries were launched from Iran. And he has a new enabler to get him there. He’s Charles Kupperman, who replaces the ousted  Neocon war hawk John Bolton as Trump’s National Security Adviser. And judging by Kupperman’s past comments, he is even crazier than Bolton. On-Target’s Larry Sparano says Kupperman’s appointment may help usher the way into a very dangerous conflict in the mid-east.



For Two-Cents More: Would Elizabeth Warren’s Tax on the Wealthy Work?

Did Thursday night’s debate among the ten leading Democratic contenders for the Presidency result in any dramatic gains or losses for those who would lead the nation in 2020?  And would Elizabeth Warren’s two cent tax fund an array of social programs?   Warren proposes to fund Medicare for All, Universal Child Care, Free College Tuition, Cancellation of Student Debt and a host of other social programs through taxation of the wealthiest  Americans.  Warren says that all that can be paid for just by putting a two cent tax on every dollar of personal income over 50-million.  Would it work? That’s what On-Target’s Larry  Sparano and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York would like to find out:



Media Too Easy On Trump’s False Statements?

Following Trump’s insistence that he was right by presenting charts which he wrongly claimed that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama, and following his quick retreat on his proposed meeting at Camp David with the Taliban, as the anniversary of 911 approaches –the question is whether the media is too forgiving of Trump’s obvious blunders. On-Target’s Larry Sparano discusses the issue with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York. Their discussion follows a report in which a commentator compares Trump’s “misstatements” with the novel 1984:

New World Order: Conspiracy or Not?

There is increasing talk and some wild speculation these days concerning events in the news which some see as indications of a coming New World Order. Is it all hooey, or are there elements of truth in what’s being assumed? Here, in a special edition of On Target with Larry Sparano, those elements are analyzed and explored. Presenting the case for conspiracy is a masked man who wishes to be known only as “Rack.” His reasons for the disguise are explained later in this interview.

Trump: No Citizenship for Soldiers’ Kids and Walmart Gun Ban

Should the children of immigrant soldiers living less than five years in the U.S. be denied automatic citizenship? Trump says yes, but Commentator Kyle Kalinski of Democratic Underground says — hell no! On target’s Larry Sparano has his own thoughts on the matter. He talks about that, and also about Walmart’s newly-announced ban on gun sales and some types of ammunition. Here’s Larry with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:




Cyril Wecht on Epstein Autopsy: What Still Isn’t Known –Update

Dr Cyril Wecht says the official conclusion that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell is highly premature.  In his latest interview with On-Target’s Larry Sparano, Dr. Wecht explains why the jury should still be out. Although Epstein was originally reported to have hanged himself by crouching forward from his bottom bunk with a bed sheet around his neck, the story has changed, as Dr. Wecht is about to describe:

Quick Solution to Illegal Immigration?

Journalist Kim Iversen says she has a plan tbat would immediately end Illegal immigration and undocumented workers in American Industry.  In a nutshell: Prosecute, fine and jail business owners. She says the reason this solution hasn’t been mentioned is because both parties get political mileage out of the controversy over illegal immigrants. On-Target’s Larry Sparano agrees, but says there will be some snags to work out. Here’s Larry in conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Is Trump Clinically Insane?

There has been much talk about the President’s mental health. And some claim that Trump’s constant lying proves that he is certifiably insane.  Among those drawing that conclusion is journalist Tom  Hartman.  But On-Target’s Larry Sparano says Hartman is way off-base regarding Trump’s “insanity.”  Larry explains why in this conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: