Venezuela Coup Attempt Underway: A Page From CIA Playbook

As On-Target’s Larry Sparano went on the air Tuesday morning, the first reports of a coup attempt in Venezuela began pouring in.  Although it’s still too early to tell how it will turn out, Larry says we’ve seen this U.S. backed move before –when the CIA tried to overthrow Castro.  Here is Larry’s early analysis of what began unfolding Tuesday morning, in an exchange with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Pope’s Aid to Migrants: Trump’s Bashing on Hold?

The Pope just announced that the Vatican will be providing a half-million dollars in aid to Catholic parishes in Mexico and other social support groups near the Mexican border. The money is to help migrants awaiting their hoped-for acceptance to enter the U.S. for reasons of political asylum and other circumstances. The Pope says he’s sending the money because the United States has closed the border.  Such an action would ordinarily elicit a harsh blast from President Trump, who has excoriated the Pope in the past.   On-Target’s Larry Sparano wonders what the Trump silence is about, in this conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Bernie Sanders

Gerald Celente: Why Sanders is Surging

Despite Joe Biden’s entry this week into the 2020 Presidential Race, Bernie Sanders is still drawing widespread support.  Famed Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente explained why, even before Biden put his hat in the ring.  Here is Celente’s take on it, in this conversation with On-Target’s Larry Sparano:

Joe Biden

Biden’s Gambit: “The Soul of America” –Will it Work?

Joe Biden’s roll-out campaign ad depicting him in a fight for the “Soul of America” might not be a winning strategy in his bid to become president.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano explains why, in this conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

Joe Biden

Trump Runs the Clock –As Biden Entry Splits Dems

Joe Biden’s entry into the 2020 Presidential race might actually help Donald Trump in his efforts to run out the clock on impeachment before the next election.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano explains why in his latest exchange with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

H.R. 5 “Equality Act” –Inequality for Female Athletes

In the nation’s latest example of extreme political “correctness,” congressional Democrats are hoping to pass gender equality legislation, that among other things, would force female athletes including high school girls to compete against biologically male athletes.  This, says On-Target’s Larry Sparano is “beyond absurd.”  He talks about that in this exchange with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio NewYork:


Donald Trump

Impeach Trump over Yemen? –Give me a Break!

If you can’t get Trump on “Russian Collusion” or “Obstruction of Justice,”  how about kicking him out of the Oval Office for his support of Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen?   In that slaughter, the U.S. is helping the Saudis in its alliance with Al-Qaeda to smash Houthi rebels who are targeting Saudi border towns.  Trump is lending U.S. support to Saudi Arabia, in defiance of the War Powers Act.  That act was originally passed by Congress in 1973, to curb Presidential ability to wage undeclared wars, following the Vietnam Conflict.  Recently, Congress passed a joint resolution, calling on Trump to end U.S. support for the war against Yemen, by citing the War Powers Act. Trump has vetoed the resolution, leaving it up to the Senate to override the veto, which appears unlikely to happen. Now, commentator Kyle Kulinski of the Secular Talk newscast is calling for Congress to impeach Trump because of his illegal support of the Yemeni war.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano expresses his misgivings about Kulinski’s call to action, in this discussion with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York.  The segment begins with the wrap-up of Kulinski’s commentary:


Political Correctness Suppressing What Happened Before Notre Dame Fire

‘It was accidental  –nothing to see here folks, everyone move on…’   That’s the official line from French officials following the fire that nearly destroyed the Notre Dame Cathedral last week.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano says it’s disturbing –at the very least– that French authorities reached their conclusion about the fire’s probable origin while it was still burning.   Larry says what’s even more disturbing is how the American media are failing to mention the great number of attacks on French churches prior to the Notre Dame conflagration. Larry talks about all that with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York.  The segment begins with Garrett providing a background to what they are about to discuss:

Gerald Celente: The Trump Bump –Will It Last?

Famed Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente says the economic boost that’s come about recently is only partly because of  Trump’s tax  cuts for the rich.  He says the bigger reason is that the Fed has stopped raising interest rates.  What does all this mean to the average person?  Celente explains in this conversation with On-Target’s Larry Sparano:

Mueller Report: Dems Still Barking Up Wrong Tree!

The din of screaming Democrats and partisan analysts is intensifying, now that the Mueller Report has been released to the public.  But whether some of its conclusions are true or untrue, their hidden goal of removing Trump from office may very well backfire, and actually increase Trump’s chances of being re-elected.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano explains why, in his latest exchange with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: