Affirmative Action: A Perspective in Black and White

A half-century after the nation’s colleges and universities began admitting minorities through Affirmative Action programs, the jury is still out on how effective and how useful they’ve been in the drive to integrate society and change race relations for the better. Today, we have a Special Edition  — –on board with On-Target’s Larry Sparano are Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York, and political commentator John Wooford.  Back in the late 60’s both men were part of Harvard’s recruitment of black students, as the elite university was attempting to become more color-conscious of the students they admitted:


Venezuela: U.S. Propaganda Courtesy of NYT

American media continue spewing propaganda about how Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is a brutal dictator who is to blame for the turmoil in that country.  And among the biggest purveyors of erroneous and fraudulent reporting is the highly-touted New York Times.  Some critics are now pointing out how the Times has been promoting opinion pieces by Joanna Hausmann, a Venezuelan-American who presents herself as a knowing and objective observer of what’s happening in her native country.  But what the NYT fails to disclose is that her father, Ricardo Hausmann, a neoliberal college professor in the U.S. is also an envoy for self-declared Venezuelan president and opposition leader Juan Guaido.  Hausmann is envoy for Guaido’s relations with banking institutions connected with elites that want to see Maduro overthrown.  What’s more, Hausmann reportedly played a big role in previous attempts to destroy the Venuzuelan economy as a means of creating social unrest to overthrow Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez .  Here’s On-Target’s Larry Sparano talking with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York, regarding the NYT’s failure to disclose: