Legalize ALL Drugs? A Harvard Professor Says It’s Better for Society

A Harvard economics Professor is proposing that ALL drugs, including heroin be made totally legal in the U.S.  This follows a call by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to legalize certain drugs on both sides of the border.  He says that such a move would help eliminate the drug cartels, and at the same time, taxes on the legal drug trade could be used to help treat addicts.   Professor Jeffrey Miron thinks it’s a great idea, since the current prohibitians on drugs are ineffective and foster violence and unfair jailings of low-level users, who should be considered victims rather than criminals.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano discusses the professor’s conclusions with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York.  The segment begins with the professor’s analysis of the current state of affairs:




Trump’s War with Iran and Immigration Laws: –How Will it Play to his Base?

Would a war with Iran be a boost or a hindrance to Trump’s ability to hold onto his base and gain even wider support going into the 2020 election?  And what about his proposed changes to immigration law, and what the requirements should be for entry into the U.S.?  According to CNN’s Don Lemon, both would be a big negative for the President.  But On-Target’s Larry Sparano is not so sure.  He discusses both topics with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Betting on Cavanaugh to Overturn Roe vs Wade

The battle is joined:  Pro-Choice advocates are trying to head it off.  But Pro-Life groups are hoping that Alabama’s newly signed anti abortion law will be challenged, and will eventually make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  How Come?  Pro-Life forces feel that with the recent seating of Justice Brett Cavanaugh, the odds are good that the high court will overturn Roe vs. Wade.  That’s the ruling that made abortion legal in the U.S.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano discusses what might happen, with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:   

Second U.S. False Flag Attack on Iran? –Will Russia Stop Trump’s New War?

A second “terror” attack is now being reported on the Saudi oil industry.  Earlier this week came news that two Saudi oil tankers were sabotaged.  Now, the Saudis are claiming that a major pipeline was attacked by drones, forcing the pipeline’s temporary shutdown.  Are these real incidents, or U.S. orchestrated “false flag” attacks that will be blamed on Iran?  On-Target’s Larry Sparano says it’s all reminenscent of political manipulations we’ve seen many times before.  Larry’s discussion with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York begins with the tale end of a clip from RT News.  In it, you’ll hear Former U.S. Army Colonel and diplomat Ann Wright sum up her take on what’s happening now in the mid-east. Wright resigned her position in protest of the Bush administration’s launch of the Iraqi War:

Paul Craig Roberts on Iran — A War Trump Can’t Win

Saudi Arabia is claiming that “sabotage attacks” have damaged two of its oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.   Is it part of a plan to stage “false flag” attacks which can be blamed on Iran, in order to provide a pretext for the U.S. to launch an assault on that troublesoms, oil rich nation?  Remember what General Wesley Clark said about the Pentagon memo which described the Bush’s administration’s plan to take out seven countries in five years in the middle east, starting with Iraq, and ending with Iran.  And remember how the Johnson administration used alleged attacks by North Vietnamese patrol boats on American ships as a pretext for widening that war.  Political Analyst Paul Craig Roberts says if Trump is bucking for military action against Iran, he’ll be getting himself involved in a war he can’t win:

Pompeo: Idiot or Liar? –Claims Guaido was “Duly Elected.”

Is he stupid, ignorant, or an outright liar?  What best describes the man who holds one of the highest positions in the federal government?  We’re talking about U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He’s been describing Juan Guaido as the legitimate, “duly elected” president of Venezuela.  That is not true.  And CNN and other major news outlets have been parroting the same description of Guaido.  In reality, Guaido is the U.S. puppet that the Trump administration is using in its attempt to  overthrow Nicolas Maduro. In fact, Guaido didn’t even run in the election that made Maduro the duly elected president of  Venezuela.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano discusses that and other topics in this segment with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

Executive Priviledge, Contempt, Donald, Jr Subpoenaed –WOW! –But, Who Will Win?

A House committe votes to hold Attorney General Willian Barr in contempt, for not handing over Robert Mueller’s unredacted report on his investigation into the President.  Barr’s refusal is backed by Trump’s declaration of “executive privilege” in withholding the document.  And that has prompted committee chairman Jerry Nadler to declare that now “We are in a cnstitutional crisis.”  Adding to the feeding frenzy — The Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed Donald Trump, Jr. to return to testify.  What’s more, the action is guided by GOP Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina.  So, does all this represent a “clear and present danger,” so to speak, for Trump?  Or is it more of a tempest in a teapot?  On-Target’s Larry Sparano tackles that question, with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

“Chop Off Their Heads” Muslim Kids’ Songfest in Philadelphia!

A disturbing video has emerged of Muslim children at a Philadelphia Islamic center apparantly singing and chanting verses intented to radicalize them.  OnTarget’s Larry Sparano talks about the implications, with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York.  The segment begins with Garrett’s introduction of a clip from a local TV station in Philadelphia which covered the story:


You Dirty “Rat”–Cohen’s Trip “Up the River” and Why the Troubles in Gaza will Continue

‘You dirty “rat” — you’re going up the river, and I’m glad!’  Dialogue from a James Cagney mob movie?  No, just the latest episode (paraphrased with poetic license) involving the President of the United States and his “bad” former lawyer.  Also, why there is as yet no permaent solution to the situation in the Gaza strip, despite the newly-announced cease fire between Israeli forces and Palestinians/Hamas .  On-Target’s Larry Sparano talks about both with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York.  We start with the latest on Cohen’s arrival today at the Federal Correctional Facility in Otisville, New York:


Facebook Bans Alex Jones, Farrakhan, etc –Will This End Up in the U.S. Supreme Court?

Facebook is stepping up its ban on personalities and websites which it considers a “danger” to the public.  It defines that danger as sites carrying “Fake News” “hate speech” and endorsements of  violence and other social mayhem.  On The Breakfast Club podcast, show host “Charlamagne Tha God” points out that as a private company, Facebook can ban whoever it wants to.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano agrees with that, but thinks that possible legal challenges to the  Facebook  ban might end up before the U.S. Supreme Court. He explains why, in this conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York.  The segment begins with the tail-end of “Charlamagne Tha God’s” commentary: