Has Kamala Harris KO’d Biden?

It was her shining moment,  and it made Joe Biden look weak and apologetic for his past cooperation with segregationists in the 60’s and 70’s.  But was her dipiction of his ‘sins of the past’ enough to knock him out of what so far has been his strong position to take him all the way to the Democratic nomination for President?   On-Target’s Larry Sparano has some thoughts on that.  Here he is in conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Warren Takes Center Stage in First Debate

Ten of the 20 main(?) Democratic presidential candidates squared off on national TV Wednesday night.  Although President Trump said the were all “boring” there were some good take-aways from the debate. And many observers say that Elizabeth Warren’s performance increased her stature and strenghtened her chances of making it to the nomination. Here’s On-Target’s Larry  Sparano talking about the campaign season’s first formal engagement with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Shanahan Dumped to Clear the Decks for War?

Patrick Shanahan’s recent withdrawal from consideration as Secretary of Defense was attributed to revelations of serious domentic violence between him and his wife.  But reports indicate that Trump knew about that all along, and was ready to fight for his confirmation despite that. What’s changed, and why were Shanahan’s domentic problems suddenly revealed?  On-Target’s Larry Sparano believes that it might have much to do with Trump clearing the decks for a fight with Iran.  Here’s Larry’s analysis during a conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

Kushner’s Mid-East Peace Plan Dead on Arrival

Jared’s Kushner’s long-awaited, self-hyped plan to bring peace and prosperity to Gaza and the West Bank is not being received warmly by Palestinians, or by a number of experts and diplomats familiar with the on-going strife between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  What’s wrong with the bluprint being presented by the President’s son-in-law? Plenty, as you’ll hear in three reports.  The first two from MSNBC and RT News, and the last from On-Target’s Larry Sparano, in conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Lindsey Graham: War with Iran Inevitable!

Staunch Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says it’s a sure thing the U.S. will go to war with Iran.  And the way it will happen, and why it must happen are profound, and some would say necessary, despite the injustice it entails.  We have two reports.  The first, from journalist Kim Iverson, followed by On-Tareget’s Larry Sparano, who offers his analysis in an exchange with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Don’s Lemon: If You Don’t Like What Trump Says –Don’t Report It!

The insuffrable Don Lemon of CNN continues to show that he has no real understanding of the proper role of the media, or the intent of the First Amendment.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano explains why he finds Lemon so clueless as to the “mission” of the Fourth Estate.  His exchange with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York follows the tail end of a joint Don Lemon-Chris Cuomo “anaylsis” of Trump’s “lies” and “racist” behaivor, recently broadcast over CNN:


Trump Clipping Wings of Warhawks?

Despite what looks like the best continuing efforts of Neocons Bolton, Pompeo and others, and despite the probably urging of Israel, President Donald Trump appears to be backing down from a hot war with Iran.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano talks about what direction events in the mid-east appear to be moving –so far.  Their discussion follows several reports on the situation by various alternative media outlets:

Pompeo Says: Iran Did It! — What Do You Think?

According to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, it is an open and shut case:  Iran is responsible for the latest attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf.  And that is setting the stage for the Trump addministration’s long-promised retaliation on Iran, if so provoked.  Some U.S. media are now at least mentioning that perhaps Iran did not do it, implying that it might be a false-flag attack that America needs as a premise to attack Iran. But the U.S. propaganda machine is fully engaged in demonizing the second-largest nation in the mid-east.  So, are we headed toward another strategic disaster in that region of the world?  Emma Vigeland of Rebel HQ News thinks so.  You’ll hear the tail end of her report, followed by the latest discussion with On-Target’s Larry Sparano and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

Sanders’-Style “Socialism” –Not Letting the Rich Have It All

Polls show that increasing numbers of voters are warming to the idea of “Socialism” if that means they get their fair-share of what the rich now have almost exclusively.  And that means that pesidential condenders  like Barnie Sanders and others who endorse “Socialism” will gain support in their bids for the highest office in the land.  That’s the topic of today’s discussion between On-Target’s Larry Sparano and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York.  Their exchange follows a report on the growing support of “Socialism” by David Dole of the National Rational News Network:


Media Hysteria Over Trump and North Korea

Trump’s statement that he’d not allow CIA spies to infiltrate the government of North Korea’s Kim Jong Uh is causing a new round of hysteria among media figures who should know better.  The outrage follows reports that Kim executed his half-brother because of such spying.  Critic says Trump should condeming Kim’s action, instead of re-assuring him. In an interview with Trump-bashing author Michael Wolff , MSNBC’s Ari Melber  discussed possible ways to thwart what they say are Trump’s continuing distortions and lies about just about everything.   But On-Target’s Larry Sparano says their cure could be worse than the disease.  Here’s Larry in conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: