Israel Did It !?? Suspicions Grow in Epstein “Suicide”

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Was sex offender Jeffrey Epstein murdered by Israeli intelligence in what U.S. officials are claiming was a suicide?  Among the highly suspicious of the official explanation are journalist Kim Iversen and On-Target’s Larry Sparano. We begins with Iversen, then we’ll hear from Larry in his latest segment with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

One thought on “Israel Did It !?? Suspicions Grow in Epstein “Suicide”

  1. Are you out of your mind ? This sounds like Kim Iversen ( deja vu ) . You sound like a parrot of Iversen , whom I might add is getting slammed from everyone with a half a brain . It is Iversen with the voice distorted to a degree . I’m done with this woman . Not because I’m Jewish but the fact that she is not a journalist by any stretch . This is embarrassing.

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