New World Order: Conspiracy or Not?

There is increasing talk and some wild speculation these days concerning events in the news which some see as indications of a coming New World Order. Is it all hooey, or are there elements of truth in what’s being assumed? Here, in a special edition of On Target with Larry Sparano, those elements are analyzed and explored. Presenting the case for conspiracy is a masked man who wishes to be known only as “Rack.” His reasons for the disguise are explained later in this interview.

Trump: No Citizenship for Soldiers’ Kids and Walmart Gun Ban

Should the children of immigrant soldiers living less than five years in the U.S. be denied automatic citizenship? Trump says yes, but Commentator Kyle Kalinski of Democratic Underground says — hell no! On target’s Larry Sparano has his own thoughts on the matter. He talks about that, and also about Walmart’s newly-announced ban on gun sales and some types of ammunition. Here’s Larry with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: