Nukes in Basements? No limits on 2nd Amendment? A Debate with “Rabid Rack” of ( RackAttackGamer )

RACK’S CHANNEL: The shoot-out at a church in Texas has intensified the debate over Gun Control. “Rabid Rack” tells On-Target’s Larry Sparano (“Libtard Larry”) that church members would have been defenseless if the government had imposed restrictions on the Second Amendment. But should there be any restrictions at all? That’s the debate you’re about to hear:

Critic: Trump Should Be Called Liar More Often??!!!

According to Eric Boehlert of the Daily Kos, the media are remiss in not calling Trump a liar often enough, and are too timid in expressing “moral” outrage. But On-Target’s Larry Sparano wonders what planet Boehlert has been reporting from. Here is Larry’s contrary opinion, in discussion with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: