Dr. Cyril Wecht: Truth Blocked in Epstein Case

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Dr. Cyril Wecht says he’s seen it all before. Evidence blocked, investigations limited, and a lack of official curiosity. This time, it revolves around the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was the billionaire sexual predator found dead by “suicide” in his Manhattan jail cell. The same Jeffrey Epstein who allegedly procured underage females for the entertainment of his rich and powerful friends. We asked Dr. Wecht what he thinks of the recent CBS 60 Minutes report on the Epstein case. As you’ll hear in the this interview with On Target’s Larry Sparano, Dr. Wecht agrees with the findings of fellow forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden. Baden, who observed the Epstein autopsy on behalf of the Epstein family is also convinced that the evidence points much more to murder than suicide.

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