Coronavirus: Trump Painting Too Rosy a Picture?

President Trump took to the airwaves this week, reassuring the pubic that his administration’s efforts to contain the Coronavirus are working, and that the country is in “great shape!” But is Trump trying not only to contain panic, but also trying to counter Democrats’ mounting criticism that Trump is mishandling a crisis? Here’s on Target’s Larry Sparano talking about the political nature of the President’s reassurances with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

The Mysteries of the Federal Reserve: Who Really Controls Our Money?

It sounds like a typical conspiracy theory, but the hidden workings of the Federal Reserve System are quite real. Mark Collinsworth of Vere Global is back with us with details of just how much we don’t know about the Fed, and why its impossible to examine its book or to find out who owns the twelve Federal Reserve banks. Here’s Mark explaining it all to On Target’s Larry Sparano: