Wall Street: “Buy the Rumor, Sell the News”

What happened to the Wall Street Rally we saw earlier this week? Why did the Dow close down 915 points on this Friday after making big gains on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? And why didn’t passage of the two trillion dollar stimulus bill send stocks surging at the end of trading? It can all be explained with “Buy the Rumor, Sell the News.” Mark Collinsworth of Vere Global explains in this interview with On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Who Benefits from Corona? Inside Traders in the SEC!

It’s not just U.S. senators and other politicians who cash in on having insider information on such things as the Coronavirus. The watchdogs in the Securities and Exchange Commission have been doing it for years. Here’s Mark Collinsworth of Vere Global Financial and On Target’s Larry Sparano discussing some shocking details of how the scam works:

Cuomo’s “Fireside Chats” –Lighting the Way to The White House?

We haven’t seen anything like it since FDR’s use of mass media to connect with the public in a time of crisis. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could be headed for the nation’s highest office because of his daily appearances before the media and America in a time of crisis. Here’s On Target’s Larry Sparano with his “in-site” into what might propel Andrew Cuomo into the Presidency of the United States:

Getting Out of the Islands and Back to the U.S. in the Nick of Time

Radio Host Kent Garrett is back in the States to talk again with On Target’s Larry Sparano. But this time, it’s not from radio station WIOX in Upstate New York: Kent tells us why he is in isolation and what made him and his wife hightail it back to Roxbury, NY:

Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen? Part 2 of Interview with Author Mark Shaw

In Part 2, Mark Shaw provides more detail about the man he names as the chief suspect in the mysterious death of famed columnist and television personality Dorothy Kilgallen. Mark also tells On Target’s Larry Sparano about the shady background of the suspect, and his possible connections with those who wanted Kilgallen dead. Shaw says they wanted Kilgallen silenced because she was about to reveal who was really behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Mark also talks about his new effort to get authorities to reopen the investigation. Listen, and learn why much more needs to be known about the death of Dorothy Kilgallen.

Wall Street Closes Friday Without Much Optimism for the Week Ahead

The bit of a rally that was seen on Thursday evaporated by time the Market closed this Friday. The Dow dropped 913 points as news of the accelerating spread of the Coronavirus kept investors nervous. Vere Global’s Chief Investment Officer Mark Collinsworth talks about what is and isn’t moving on Wall Street with On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Market Uptick: How Much Hope From Thursday’s Close?

Stocks inched higher on Thursday, following a week of big losses. The Dow gained 188 points, the Nasdaq almost 161 and the S&P 500 11 points. Hardly a turn-around, but does it mean the bottom is in sight? Not necessarily, as Mark Collinsworth of Vere Global Finance explains to On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Market UPDATE: A Still Worsening Market–Time to Cash Out?

Another precipitous drop on Wall Street on Wednesday, with the Dow closing down more than 1300 points after trading was suspended earlier in the day. And there seems to be no end in sight. So, is it time to go to cash? That’s what so many clients of Vere Global’s Mark Collinsworth have been asking him about. On Target’s Larry Sparano asks him what advice he’s been giving to those very nervous investors:

Partial Recovery on Wall Street: Will It Help Calm the Storm?

After a near three thousand point drop on Monday, the Markets climbed on Tuesday –but not by much. So, what does that signal when the Stock Exchange opens on Wednesday tomorrow? For answers, On target’s Larry Sparano is again talking with Mark Collinsworth, the CIO of Vere Global:


3,000 point Plunge –Yikes! Where Do We Go From Here?

Another historic day of loss on Wall Street this Monday after President Trump announced new guidelines for dealing with the Coronavirus, and after he conceded that we could be heading for recession. So what happens when the Market opens tomorrow? We again turn to Mark Collingsworth, the Chief Investment Officer of Vere Global: