Planet of the Humans: Why Environmentalists are Upset

Michael Moore has a new movie out, called “Planet of the Humans” and ironically, it is upsetting environmentalists, even though his main concern is the environment. How come? That’s today’s discussion with Larry Sparano and Kent Garrett:

Rancid Situation: Meat Plants To Reopen

What’s the social cost of enjoying a nice steak, chicken fries or pork chops again? And what’s the economic cost of staying hungry? That’s today’s topic for Larry Sparano of TargetSparano and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Trump Backing Off On Hydroxychloroquine?

Why is Trump seemingly backing off from his repeated urgings that hydroxychloroquine be dispensed to Covid-19 patients if they are willing to take a chance on a drug that he says could save their lives? Is it because there is now too much evidence to support his claims? Or is it that he knows every time he mentions it, he’s unfairly blamed for “dispensing death?” Larry Sparano says the health “experts” are not coming clean. He explains, in this conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

Unregulated Greed: How Wall Street and Banks Went Wild

Capitalism is good, and so is the greed that goes with it –as Gordon Gekko proclaimed in the movie Wall Street. But what happens when both the stock market and greed are unregulated? Calamities like the crash of 2008 happen. Can it happen again? Here’s Larry Sparano talking about that with VERE Globa Financial CIO Mark Collinsworth:

Old White Men to Blame? Yes, says Charlamagne tha god!

According to Charlamagne tha god of the Breakfast Club radio show, old white men are to blame for most on the evils in this world. Larry Sparano of TargetSparano has a different viewpoint. And Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York also has his own perspective. Here’s a wild mix of contentious opinions:

Covid 19 Origins?

Mainstream media outlets continue to discredit any reports that conclude or even hold open the possibility that the Covid-19 pandemic began when the virus escaped from a research lab in China. The same media also continue to insist that Hydroxychloroquine is too dangerous to prescribe as treatment for the virus. But in this conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York, Larry Sparano warns of jumping to the conclusions that mainstream media wants you to accept:

Wall Street: Will A Rally Last?

Multi-Trillion Dollar Stimulus money is keeping the Stock Market up –for now. But how long will that last? Mark Collingsworth of Vere Global is with Larry again talking about the heavy challenges ahead:

Deny Science –Spread Covid-19

Although Trump is right about using hydroxychloroquine to effectively combat Covid-19, he’s been dead wrong about his initial non-scientific conclusions that the Coronavirus was overblown, and under control. In this conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York, Larry Sparano talks about how Science Denial is being used by politicians to further their own agendas:



Gerald Celente: Listen Up: Depression Now –War Next!

President Trump says a huge rally in the stock market and a corresponding recovery in the U.S. economy is ahead, once we’ve stopped the spread of Covid-19, Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente says B_ _LL S_ _T! He explains, in his latest interview with Larry Sparano of

Hydroxy Scare Tactics Continue

The efforts continue by Big Pharma and their useful idiots to convince the public that Hydroxychloroquine is too dangerous to dispense to victims of Covid-19. Pharmacist Sharon Soltis is back with her husband, On Target’s Larry Sparano, and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York to explain how the propaganda campaign is being carried out: