Trump People at Biden Town Hall: What the Networks Didn’t Show!

What was missing from this week’s network coverage of Joe Biden’s appearance at a drive-in style”Town Hall” outside Scranton? It was video of the throngs of Trump supporters lining the road leading to the event. Their numbers far exceeded the relatively few who came to show support for the former vice-president who spent his boyhood in Scranton. You’re about to see just how strong the support for Trump was this past Thursday. The video was taken by two fans of the President, including James May who is running for the PA House of Representatives for the 114th District in Lackawanna County in which Scranton is located:

Dr. David M. Jacobs: UFO’s Don’t Crash!

In what may be his final public interview, famed Alien Abduction Researcher Dr. David M. Jacobs tells us why he doesn’t believe reports of recent government “disclosures” that material “not of this world” has been recovered and is secretly being studied:

Kenosha Shooting: Murder or Self Defense?

Murder, or self-defense? Without much investigation, authorities quickly charged 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse with two counts of first-degree homicide and one count of attempted homicide. But what were the events during, after and leading up to Rittenhouse’s decision to shoot two people dead and seriously wounding another? In an attempt to find out, Rack of the Rack Attack Gamer YouTube channel has pieced together the sequence from video clips that can be found on the internet. View them, and decide for yourself. But first a WARNING: The sequence begins with GRAPHIC video of the arm wound on the man who survived after being shot by Rittenhouse. Some of our viewers might find it disturbing: