Gerald Celente: Who Wins the Presidency? And What Happens Then?

Famed Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente picks a winner in the race for the Presidency. But he warns of great trouble ahead, no matter who takes office. Hear the details in this interview with Larry Sparano:

Hunter Biden Story “Disappeared”: Social Justice Journalists at Work!

Who says journalists must be objective? More and more of those in the business think it’s their duty to suppress information and bury facts in order to promote candidates and causes they favor. Case in point: the disappearance of the New York Post story involving Hunter Biden’s laptop and the emails it contains. Was Hunter providing access to his father in a “pay to play” scheme by which both received money from foreign sources? And does suppression of this story portend the rise of a national Propaganda Ministry. Two veteran journalists debate the issue as we enter the final days of this year’s presidential campaign.

2nd Amendment: “Well Regulated Militia” Necessary?

There is renewed debate in this political season about gun control and the Second Amendment. Is the key to its survival the interpretation of what a “well regulated” militia meant in 1791 and what it means now? Rack’nLarry shoot it out on just what the framers of the Constitution meant:

Biden Not Asked about Hunter Emails at Town Hall

Was it just a hug-in for Joe Biden at the “Town Hall” meeting in Philadelphia this week, rather than a forum for real questioning of the man who could be our next president? Rack’nLarry say it was obvious that ABC’s moderator, George Stephanopoulos, had it rigged from beginning to end. And the most glaring omission was the lack of any question about the New York Post’s apparent expose of the Hunter Biden emails:


Should Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter decide what you can see and what you can post on their social media sites? No way! Rackn’Larry explain why: