How They Spin the News Part 1.

Ever wonder just how it’s decided behind the scenes what stories you’ll see on the air and in print –and what the “spin” will be? Does it all take place during secret editorial sessions, and in darkened rooms where reporters are beaten with rubber hoses? Veteran reporter Larry Sparano knows first-hand how it’s done. And he tells us all about it in On Target’s “How They Spin the News.” Here’s Part-!:

Tricking Trump into war with Russia?

Tricking Trump into war with Russia? On Target’s Larry Sparano raises questions involving the dramatic events concerning Russia, Syria, and the the United States. Is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad really behind the latest alleged chemical attack on his own people, or are other players involved? Have certain elements staged a false-flag attack in an effort to convince President Trump to reverse his recently-declared intention to pull U.S. forces out of Syria? Is it all just a strange coincidence, or is there good reason to think that Trump is being set-up?

Oswald’s Window

Does a key to unraveling the JFK assassination involve what window Oswald used when he allegedly gunned down the president in broad daylight?
An assassination researcher thinks so. Here is what he has concluded, as the nation awaits new evidence contained in the release of the last remaining files on the JFK assassination.[Video Interview]

Trump’s Cabinet Picks: What to Expect

Will President Trump’s controversial cabinet picks be good or bad for America? As Democrats resist many of Trump’s choices during the on-going confirmation hearings, Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente is back with us to assess what we can expect. Celente says the billionaire will use his own business model in how he uses those who will—at least in name—be the heads of key federal departments and agencies.
He also talks about Trump’s strategy in “going to the top” when chastising companies that make products abroad –companies which he says are often headed by empty “Wizards of Oz”.
And what about Trump’s approach to Russia and China? Here’s our recent interview with Gerald Celente:

New Push for Release of JFK Assassination Records [Video Interview]

It’s been 53 years since the nation’s 35th president was gunned down in broad daylight in Dallas. And during those years a curtain of darkness has hidden information and records which could reveal the full story of what happened on that tragic day in November.

Listen to Dr. Cyril Wecht explain how he and others hope to pierce a government-imposed black-out on the murder of John F. Kennedy–and why finding the truth still matters, more than five decades later.

Video courtesy of John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Trump: Real Change or More of the Same? [Video Interview]

While most political prognosticators were predicting that Hillary would be elected president, famed Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente ( was telling his many followers that political and economic conditions were propelling Trump toward a victory. We interviewed him shortly before the election, to ask if a Trump presidency would change much in terms of war and peace, the American government’s demonization of Putin, and the direction of U.S. foreign policy. He also talks about the so-called military threat from China, and what he says is the American government’s irrational behavior in its treatment of other nations. Here is that interview: