Stormy’s Weather: Tempest in Trump’s Teapot?

The Wall Street Journal says it has the goods on Trump, concerning his part in the payoffs to Stormy Daniels and another accuser.  But if it does, will it really matter?  Or will it matter enough to cost him his presidency  –or deny him a victory in 2020?  Hear what Larry Sparano and Kent Garrett think, during this week’s segment of “They Say What?”  on WIOX Radio, New York:

Stormy Weather: The Post-Midterm Climate

Are both sides ready to kiss and make up, following the vicious fights during the midterms?  Hardly!  Larry Sparano says there will be lasting consequences, none of it good for the parties, or the nation.  Here’s more, during an interview with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Is Media Enemy of the People?

Trump insists it is. Although his critics dismiss that charge as merely more of his propaganda, On Target’s Larry Sparano says the president’s complaint stems in part from some failings on the part of reporters and commentators.  Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio, New York, disagrees.  Here’s why they have a big difference of opinion:

Warning: “Economic 9/11 Close” –Says Famed Trends Forecaster (Part 1)

An economic disaster of historic proportions:  That’s what Gerald Celente of Trends Research is predicting.  Pay close attention, because this is a guy who has been right on the button over the years in anticipating and warning about economic developments which have and will affect you and your family.  Here is Part 1 of this important interview, conducted by On-Target’s Larry Sparano:

Health Care Winning Issue for Democrats?

Going into the 2018 mid-term elections, the GOP was assuming that the Trump Effect would provide Republican candidates with the coattails they needed to be swept into office. But now, with just a few weeks before the elections, Republicans fear that their opponents are effectively using Health C

are as the issue that could turn the tide against them. Here’s more with On-Target’s Larry Sparano, during a conversation with Kent Garrett, of WIOX Radio, New York: