Biden’s Gun Control: Executive Orders, Actions

President Biden claims he’s doing something that should have been done long ago –taking firm action to curb gun violence. But will the steps he’s taking really do much to reduce the killing? That’s what Larry and Rack are examining in their latest exchange:

2nd Amendment: “Well Regulated Militia” Necessary?

There is renewed debate in this political season about gun control and the Second Amendment. Is the key to its survival the interpretation of what a “well regulated” militia meant in 1791 and what it means now? Rack’nLarry shoot it out on just what the framers of the Constitution meant:

Nukes in Basements? No limits on 2nd Amendment? A Debate with “Rabid Rack” of ( RackAttackGamer )

RACK’S CHANNEL: The shoot-out at a church in Texas has intensified the debate over Gun Control. “Rabid Rack” tells On-Target’s Larry Sparano (“Libtard Larry”) that church members would have been defenseless if the government had imposed restrictions on the Second Amendment. But should there be any restrictions at all? That’s the debate you’re about to hear: