Biden Loves Media Censorship!

Will Censorship of the media, especially of reports critical of Joe Biden and cohorts increase if Joe Biden actually becomes president? You bet, according to this On Target Editroial:

Biden to Media: Don’t Interview Giuliani! Really?

What’s the dumbest move yet from Joe Biden?  It’s the effort  to contain the damage from reports about  Biden’s pressure on Ukraine: Pressure to remove a prosecutor who was investigating, among other things, the energy company to which son Hunter Biden was attached.  What’s the solution from the seasoned politician and Democratic presidential candidate?  It’s to demand that the media not give Trump buddy Rudy Giuliani any more airtime to spread lies about Biden’t role in Ukraine!  Are we hearing that right?  Unfortunately, yes, says On-Target’s Larry Sparano, in this conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: