Biden at the G7: Any Help for the U.S. Economy?

Although much of the mainstream media is heaping praise on Joe Biden for his performance at the G7 in Geneva, what did he really accomplish? Will the U.S economy and its position in the world improve? That’s what On Target’s Larry Sparano asked of Vere Global’s Mark Collinsworth, an expert on where the economy is heading, and what warning signs should be heeded:

Catholic Bishops: No Communion for Biden?

Should the President of the United States be denied the sacrament of Communion because he says he won’t impose his own anti-abortion sentiment on others? That is among the topics on the agenda for this week’s U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Dr. Anne Hendershott, Professor of Sociology at the Franciscan University of Stubenville, Ohio says YES! In this video, she shares her reasons why with On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Did Envy Get Biden Elected? Dr. Anne Hendershott on today’s Socialist Agenda.

In her latest book, Dr. Anne Hendershott says too many politicians get votes by giving away to some constituents what they take away from others. Is it social justice, or a grave departure from the tenets of Christianity and the values that made American great? Dr. Hendershott, is professor of Sociology and Psychology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. Her many articles appear in The American Spectator and other publications. Listen here to her discussion with On Target’s Larry Sparano about the creeping dangers of socialism:

Zoom: Can America Be Changed Under Biden?

What signs of real, productive change has the Biden administration shown so far, now almost two months in office? And can any politician or political party break loose from the corporations that largely control them? That’s the topic of discussion in this Zoom meeting, which includes folks on the far left, the center, and some say, the far right. On Target’s Larry Sparano is one of the featured guests.


Biden: The Real Neanderthal?

Who’s the real Neanderthal? Joe Biden says its people who want their states to open up without Covid restrictions. Such folks are engaging in “Neanderthal thinking” –the last thing we need, he says. But On Target’s Larry Sparano says Joe has revealed his own primitive thinking, in terms of his promise to heal divisions in a still-divided country. Here’s Larry, with more:

Biden Loves Media Censorship!

Will Censorship of the media, especially of reports critical of Joe Biden and cohorts increase if Joe Biden actually becomes president? You bet, according to this On Target Editroial:

Biden Helped China Eat Our Lunch!

Biden SAYS he wants to stop China’ from destroying any more American jobs. That’s what he says, but if his past behavior is any guide to what he’ll do as president, we’re in deep trouble. Larry Sparano cites the reasons why we should not take Joe Biden at his word:

Election 2020 Trump or Biden Newsman Picks A Winner

Former AP Newsman Bryant Thomas is fairly sure that Joe Biden wins the Presidency. That, despite the huge and enthusiastic crowds that are turning out for President Trump as he crisscrosses the nation in the final days of the campaign. But Reporter Larry Sparano is not so sure it will turn out that way. Here’s why there is a difference of opinions:

Biden a Shoe-in? Not so Fast!

Many partisan commentators and “analysts” are crowing about new polls showing Trump far behind Biden –by as much as 14 points. But are the polls accurate, and are the “experts” interpreting them correctly? Larry Sparano says no, in this interview with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

Trump Verses Biden: Why Trump’s B.S. Goes Over With Voters!

If you analyze much of what Trump says, it’s either exaggeration or outright deception. So why do voters remain attached to the most unconventional president of recent times? On Target’s Larry Sparano says it’s because of the emotional bonding he has maintained with his supporters from the time he announced for the Presidency. Here’s Larry talking about Trump’s special talent, with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: