Warren Should Admit Taxes Will Increase –in Exchange For Huge Savings on Health Care Coverage

During Tuesday’s Democrtic Debate, the now apparent-frontrunner Elizethe Warren repeatedly refused to say whether  her Universal Health Care Plan would require a tax increase for middle-class families.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano says this is a big mistake  –and he explains why in this discussion with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Warren Takes Center Stage in First Debate

Ten of the 20 main(?) Democratic presidential candidates squared off on national TV Wednesday night.  Although President Trump said the were all “boring” there were some good take-aways from the debate. And many observers say that Elizabeth Warren’s performance increased her stature and strenghtened her chances of making it to the nomination. Here’s On-Target’s Larry  Sparano talking about the campaign season’s first formal engagement with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: