Market Crash Ahead: But, How Soon?

That’s the big question. When will it come, how soon will it come, and how severe will it be? A number of media pundits are predicting it’s going to happen within a year. But Mark Collinsworth, the chief investment officer of Vere Globe, says not so. In this interview with Larry Sparano, Mark talks about the crash ahead and the factors that will lead to it. And he has an answer for those thinking of cashing out over fears of losing everything:

U.S.Govt.: Jobs R Us?

As the economy continues to sputter, there are renewed calls for a massive government jobs program. It would guarantee a government-sponsored job to anyone who wants one. Would it work? And would it be a long-term boost to the U.S. Economy? That’s today’s topic between Larry Sparano and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

Analyst: Next Big Market Crisis Could Finish Us!


We might make it through this one, but if we’re slammed with another Coronavirus-like crisis, the U.S economy might not survive. Vere Global CIO Mark Collinsworth talks with On Target’s Larry Sparano about today’s chilling parallels with the Stock Market Crash of ’29: