Facebook Bans Alex Jones, Farrakhan, etc –Will This End Up in the U.S. Supreme Court?

Facebook is stepping up its ban on personalities and websites which it considers a “danger” to the public.  It defines that danger as sites carrying “Fake News” “hate speech” and endorsements of  violence and other social mayhem.  On The Breakfast Club podcast, show host “Charlamagne Tha God” points out that as a private company, Facebook can ban whoever it wants to.  On-Target’s Larry Sparano agrees with that, but thinks that possible legal challenges to the  Facebook  ban might end up before the U.S. Supreme Court. He explains why, in this conversation with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York.  The segment begins with the tail-end of “Charlamagne Tha God’s” commentary:

Internet Recruitment of Terrorists: Does Stopping It Mean the End of the 1st Amendment?

The massacre at the mosque in New Zealand has renewed calls for censoring the content of the Internet.  How can the digital giants stop the internet from being used as a recruitment tool for terrorism?  On-Target’s Larry Sparano warns of the dangers of the slippery slope ahead, as corporate and government interests

move toward control of what we’re allowed to see and hear on the Internet.  Here’s Larry with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio, New York: