Cuomo’s “Fireside Chats” –Lighting the Way to The White House?

We haven’t seen anything like it since FDR’s use of mass media to connect with the public in a time of crisis. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could be headed for the nation’s highest office because of his daily appearances before the media and America in a time of crisis. Here’s On Target’s Larry Sparano with his “in-site” into what might propel Andrew Cuomo into the Presidency of the United States:

Getting Out of the Islands and Back to the U.S. in the Nick of Time

Radio Host Kent Garrett is back in the States to talk again with On Target’s Larry Sparano. But this time, it’s not from radio station WIOX in Upstate New York: Kent tells us why he is in isolation and what made him and his wife hightail it back to Roxbury, NY: