Iranian Protests Real Says Ex-CIA Agent Sam Faddis

Iran’s shoot down of an Ukrainian jetliner is fueling genuine domestic protests against a brutal regime, says a former CIA Agent with extensive knowledge of that part of the world. Sam Faddis says although the U.S. might be encouraging the protests, he says there is and has been growing resentment against the leaders of Iran. Here he is, being interviewed by On Target’s Larry Sparano:


Gerald Celente: Off-Ramp Closed –We’re Still Headed to WW3!

Famed Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente says World War 3 is still on. He says Iran’s limited response to Trump’s assassination of that country’s top general does not mean that either side is backing off. He explains his reasons why, in this interview with On Target’s Larry Sparano:


Off-Ramp or Bait for War? What’s Next with Trump and Iran?

Was Iran too smart to take Trump’s bait to retaliate in a big way against the U.S? Or are both sides still headed toward war rather than deescalation? That’s today’s topic with On Target’s Larry Sparano and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: