Joe Biden and The Godfather : How Joe Got To Be President

Ever wonder how it suddenly came together for Joe Biden during his campaign for the presidency? South Carolina was the key. After pitiful showings in earlier primaries in various states, Biden won South Carolina. Other, stronger contenders for the presidency quickly dropped out, and Biden was on his way to becoming Commander in Chief. How did he do it? Could it have been with a little help from a vary persuasive friend who you are about to meet?

Pope’s ‘New World Order’: What Does It Mean?

Over the years, many world leaders have uttered the phrase “New World Order.” Now, it seem the Pope is joining the chorus. But what exactly is he talking about, and what is he actually calling for? Rack and Larry have a lively debate on that question in this segment of On Target with Larry Sparano:

Zoom: Can America Be Changed Under Biden?

What signs of real, productive change has the Biden administration shown so far, now almost two months in office? And can any politician or political party break loose from the corporations that largely control them? That’s the topic of discussion in this Zoom meeting, which includes folks on the far left, the center, and some say, the far right. On Target’s Larry Sparano is one of the featured guests.


Why Biden and Harris are Silent on Cuomo

While increasing numbers of Democrats are demanding that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo step down, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris remain silent. How come? It has to do with Creepy Uncle Joe’s own past behavior with women. On Target’s Larry Sparano explains:

The UN-equal “Equality Act –Destroying Women’s Sports

It’s very nature makes it a contradiction of terms -like something out of George Orwell’s famous novel 1984: Federal legislation that would set back women’s sports decades. On Target’s Larr Sparano explores how it would actually deny girls an equal opportunity to win championships and scholarships for which they’ve worked so hard:


Biden: The Real Neanderthal?

Who’s the real Neanderthal? Joe Biden says its people who want their states to open up without Covid restrictions. Such folks are engaging in “Neanderthal thinking” –the last thing we need, he says. But On Target’s Larry Sparano says Joe has revealed his own primitive thinking, in terms of his promise to heal divisions in a still-divided country. Here’s Larry, with more:

Fmr. Black Panther Associate says most at Capitol on Jan. 6th were not White Supremacists

Not all Civil Rights advocates are going along with the narrative that the January 6th riot at the Capitol was an outright “insurrection” made up mostly of White Supremacists. John Woodford, who knew prominent Black Panthers says the mislabeling is part of a dangerous trend that is replacing facts with propaganda. Here’s his conversation with On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Poland Stopping Censorship –Unlike the U.S.

While Media Censorship continues to grow in the U.S., Poland and Hungary are taking firm steps to curb it. On Target’s Larry Sparano explains why those two foreign nation’s are so committed to doing something that the U.S. should be doing.