Judge Napolitano – Speech at Gerald Celente’s Occupy Peace Rally, July 4th 2021 in Kingston, NY

Judge Napolitano warns of the increasingly dangerous assaults on the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If politicians have their way, he says, all the safeguards put in place by the Founding Fathers will be gone, along with our freedoms. Listen to his cautionary tale, in this latest video from Larry Sparano of On Target with Larry Sparano:

JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and Dorothy Kilgallen Deaths Linked to RFK

How did the actions of Robert F. Kennedy lead to the deaths of his brother JFK, as well as those of movie idol Marilyn Monroe and columnist and TV personality Dorothy Kilgallen? In his latest book, “Collateral Damage” Author and Researcher Mark Shaw uncovers the evidence that led him to his startling conclusion. Listen here to his conversation with On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Do We Now Know What’s Out There? Government UFO Report Released!

The long-awaited report on what our government and the U.S. Military know about UFO’s was released today (Friday, June 25, 2021). Does it shed any new light on the aerial phenomena which has mystified generations of Americans? Here’s MUFON Board Member Tom Whitmore’s take on what the report does and doesn’t include. He’s interviewed by On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Bishops vs. Biden: No Communion for You!

The President of the United States is not in a State of Grace, according to a majority of Catholic Bishops who meet in virtual conference this week. Almost three quarters of the Conference voted to pass a draft resolution that would deny Communion to any Catholic who supports abortion. Although Biden was not specifically named, the vote in large part centered on the bishops’ concern with the president’s support for abortion rights. Biden has defended his position by stating that while he, as a Catholic opposes abortion, he would not impose his beliefs on others. But bishops who voted for measure say Biden and other Catholics can’t have it both ways. They say a Catholic’s opposition to abortion must apply to everyone, not just fellow Catholics. On Target’s Larry Sparano spoke to Dr. Anne Hendershott about the vote, and the impact it will have on the Church and Catholic politicians. Dr. Hendershott has authored many books and articles on religious and social issues, and is Professor of Sociology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio.

Biden at the G7: Any Help for the U.S. Economy?

Although much of the mainstream media is heaping praise on Joe Biden for his performance at the G7 in Geneva, what did he really accomplish? Will the U.S economy and its position in the world improve? That’s what On Target’s Larry Sparano asked of Vere Global’s Mark Collinsworth, an expert on where the economy is heading, and what warning signs should be heeded:

Catholic Bishops: No Communion for Biden?

Should the President of the United States be denied the sacrament of Communion because he says he won’t impose his own anti-abortion sentiment on others? That is among the topics on the agenda for this week’s U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Dr. Anne Hendershott, Professor of Sociology at the Franciscan University of Stubenville, Ohio says YES! In this video, she shares her reasons why with On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Gerald Celente: Inflation and Interest Rates to Soar!

Hold on to your hats -or whatever cover you still have. Because the earmarks of a coming Greatest Depression are all around us. Famed Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente talks with On-Target’s Larry Sparano about what’s in store for the U.S. and the World:


Media Bias on Covid Origin

For more than a year, mainstream media swallowed and promoted the official narrative that Covid 19 did not originate at the Wuhan lab in China which was engaged in Covid-related research. Dr. Fauci and others chose their words carefully, giving the impression that it was nearly certain that the deadly virus had a natural origin, and that conclusions to the contrary were mere “conspiracy theories.”. But now, Fauci and others are saying perhaps that wasn’t the case after all. And for the first time, the media are allowing airing of alternative scenarios. What does this turnaround tell us about the state of the news that’s fed to Americans? That’s what two veteran journalists, Bryant Thomas and Larry Sparano discuss here:

Market Crash Ahead: But, How Soon?

That’s the big question. When will it come, how soon will it come, and how severe will it be? A number of media pundits are predicting it’s going to happen within a year. But Mark Collinsworth, the chief investment officer of Vere Globe, says not so. In this interview with Larry Sparano, Mark talks about the crash ahead and the factors that will lead to it. And he has an answer for those thinking of cashing out over fears of losing everything:

Did Envy Get Biden Elected? Dr. Anne Hendershott on today’s Socialist Agenda.

In her latest book, Dr. Anne Hendershott says too many politicians get votes by giving away to some constituents what they take away from others. Is it social justice, or a grave departure from the tenets of Christianity and the values that made American great? Dr. Hendershott, is professor of Sociology and Psychology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. Her many articles appear in The American Spectator and other publications. Listen here to her discussion with On Target’s Larry Sparano about the creeping dangers of socialism: