Gerald Celente: If Andrew Cuomo Becomes President

With Joe Biden continuing to look infirm, the talk continues about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stepping in, either before or after the November election. Could Cuomo beat Trump, and if he does, what can we expect from Cuomo as President? Famed Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente has some definite opinions about that, as you’ll hear in this exchange with Larry Sparano:

Just Trump Lacks Compassion?

If you listen to CNN’s “Commentator” Don Lemon, who is actually a propagandist, it is solely President Trump who lacks all compassion,with all his decisions driven by politics, rather than concern for the nation which he was elected to serve and protect. But Larry Sparano has a different view, contrary to that of his long-time pal and news producer Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

Cuomo’s “Fireside Chats” –Lighting the Way to The White House?

We haven’t seen anything like it since FDR’s use of mass media to connect with the public in a time of crisis. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could be headed for the nation’s highest office because of his daily appearances before the media and America in a time of crisis. Here’s On Target’s Larry Sparano with his “in-site” into what might propel Andrew Cuomo into the Presidency of the United States: