Another Side of Cuba: An American says it’s not What he Expected

Do you think that Cubans are poor, starving, desperate, oppressed, unhappy people because of what Fidel Castro brought to that island nation?  Do you think, as our government says, that the best thing for Cubans would be a return to how it was before Castro and the Revolution he headed kicked-out the U.S. puppet dictator Fulgencio Batista, as well as the U.S.Mafia, which controlled the casinos, and the United Fruit Company and other Corporations that had a vice grip on the Cuban economy  –and economy which fed just crumbs to the Cuban underclass?  If you have been conditioned to believe all that, you might want to take a listen to an American businessman fresh back from Cuba.  A businessman who wished to remain anonymous, during this interview with On-

Target’s Larry Sparano:

U.S. Effort to Remove Maduro: Will Russia Intervene?

Why is the U.S. trying to oust Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, and replace him with Juan Guaido?  And will Russia, and even China try to stop it?  On-Target’s Larry Sparano says it’s an old story of U.S. exploitation of Latin America, and is reminiscent of what happened in Cuba.  Here’s his discussion with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: