UFO’s: Disclosure or Cover-up Coming?

After 75 years of claiming UFO sightings are hogwash, the U.S. Government is suddenly changing its tune. The big question is: why? Larry Sparano asks MUFON Board Member and UFO Researcher Tom Whitmore what he thinks will be in the government report on what it knows about UFO’s, due out in June:

UFO Disclosure Underway?

After more than seventy years of secrecy and ridicule, both the U.S. government and the media appear to have reversed course and are now taking the UFO phenomenon seriously. Is a long-hoped-for disclosure underway, or is it another effort to sow more confusion and doubt? Larry Sparano talks about that with researcher Tom Whitmore, of MUFON –the Mutual UFO Network which keeps a sharp eye on UFO sightings: