Following Iowa Mess, is NH As Big a Springboard?

With the results of the Iowa Caucus still unclear, candidates are now hoping for a campaign boost from New Hampshire. But how much of a boost will it be in this unusual election cycle? Here’s On Target’s Larry Sparano talking with long-time political reporter Bryant Thomas, direct from New Hampshire:

Buttigieg and Iowa: The Fix is In?

Suggestions continue to grow that the app “glitch” in Iowa might be more than an accidental technical difficulty. Rick Sanchez of RT America says the app that malfunctioned and delayed election results and contained a number of inaccuracies was designed by supporters of Hillary Clinton. And what about Buttigieg’s links with the CIA and Naval Intelligence? And how is it that polls going into the Iowa caucus as well as exit polls showed that Bernie Sanders was clearly on top with Buttigieg well behind –yet the results showed Buttigieg the winner? These are some of the questions that On Target’s Larry Sparano has been mulling with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Iowa Caucus: R.I.P?

Even when and if the final Iowa Caucus results are finally tallied, there’s going to be continuing arguments about who came out on top and by how much. This, of course lessens the “bandwagon” effect that winning in Iowa and then New Hampshire often produces. Who benefits most? Maybe Biden –who would be more damaged if the Caucus app worked properly and showed him a clear loser? Here’s On Target’s Larry Sparano, talking about the process with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Iowa Debate: No Bullseyes for Dems

With just weeks to go before the Iowa Caucus, Democratic candidates were once more largely off the mark in their quest for votes. Perhaps the strongest showing was made by Bernie Sanders. On Target’s Larry Sparano explains why to Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:




Election 2020: Who Will Ride Iowa/New Hampshire Bandwagon?

Tonight’s debate in Iowa among Democrats carries with it lots of opportunity and landmines for those who would be President. Who will emerge with the momentum needed to score victories in the upcoming Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary? That’s what On Target’s Larry Sparano and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York are chewing on today:


Biden vs. Farmer: An On-Target Perspective

Joe Biden has been busy in Iowa, trying to gain support in his quest for the Presidency. He might have an advantage in convincing union members to vote for him, we know of at least one farmer who won’t. Should you? On-Target’s Larry Sparano suggests some questions you might want to put to Joe, when he campaigns in your area:



Biden and Iowa: A Barometer of What?

19 candidates, not including Joe Biden swarmed through Iowa this past weekend, looking for support among voters who will cast ballots for President in the Iowa caucus   –that’s the first-in-the-nation selection of preference for president, and it takes place even before New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary. So, support there is important for any person who wants to become the next Commander-in-Chief.  But polls show that support for Biden in slipping among Iowa voters, down some five to ten percent.  And the same slippage is being seen nationally.  And most surprising, perhaps, are polls showing that the most important attribute voters are seeking in a candidate is someone who can beat Trump.  They consider that more important than a candidate that shares their values. And at this point at least, the perception among voters is that Biden is that candidate.  But will he remain the best bet as we move toward the 2020 presidential election?  That’s what On-Target’s Larry Sparano discussed today with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: