Bishops vs. Biden: No Communion for You!

The President of the United States is not in a State of Grace, according to a majority of Catholic Bishops who meet in virtual conference this week. Almost three quarters of the Conference voted to pass a draft resolution that would deny Communion to any Catholic who supports abortion. Although Biden was not specifically named, the vote in large part centered on the bishops’ concern with the president’s support for abortion rights. Biden has defended his position by stating that while he, as a Catholic opposes abortion, he would not impose his beliefs on others. But bishops who voted for measure say Biden and other Catholics can’t have it both ways. They say a Catholic’s opposition to abortion must apply to everyone, not just fellow Catholics. On Target’s Larry Sparano spoke to Dr. Anne Hendershott about the vote, and the impact it will have on the Church and Catholic politicians. Dr. Hendershott has authored many books and articles on religious and social issues, and is Professor of Sociology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio.

Joe Biden and The Godfather : How Joe Got To Be President

Ever wonder how it suddenly came together for Joe Biden during his campaign for the presidency? South Carolina was the key. After pitiful showings in earlier primaries in various states, Biden won South Carolina. Other, stronger contenders for the presidency quickly dropped out, and Biden was on his way to becoming Commander in Chief. How did he do it? Could it have been with a little help from a vary persuasive friend who you are about to meet?

Why Biden and Harris are Silent on Cuomo

While increasing numbers of Democrats are demanding that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo step down, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris remain silent. How come? It has to do with Creepy Uncle Joe’s own past behavior with women. On Target’s Larry Sparano explains:

Biden Helped China Eat Our Lunch!

Biden SAYS he wants to stop China’ from destroying any more American jobs. That’s what he says, but if his past behavior is any guide to what he’ll do as president, we’re in deep trouble. Larry Sparano cites the reasons why we should not take Joe Biden at his word:

Shutting Up Trump: Media Censorship

Reporters and Silicon Valley Computer Geeks deciding what you can hear and see from the President of the United States! How did it come to this? And where are we headed when the “Free Press” is no longer free, or objective, or a watchdog of the government? Rack and Larry talk about a frightening future:

Trump Biden Election: Orwell’s 1984?

Is it just another hard-fought election, or is it the beginning of a dire future for our nation? Conspiracy theories are rampant, but some observers say it is no theory –but rather a frightening indication of the shape of things to come. That’s the latest back-and-forth with Larry and Rack. Listen carefully, and see what you think:


Should Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter decide what you can see and what you can post on their social media sites? No way! Rackn’Larry explain why:

Dropout Dems: What it Means Going Into SuperTuesday:

With Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg dropping out and giving their endorsements to Joe Biden, along with Beto O’Rourke –does it amount to a turning point for Joe in his quest for the Presidency? That’s what On Target’s Larry Sparano and veteran newsman Bryant Thomas are chewing on, as the polls are about to open in 14 states on this Super Tuesday:



Biden ‘Groping’ –Will it Doom a Presidential Bid?

More stories are coming out about Joe Biden’s long-rumored groping of women.  Women’s rights advocates say it’s not a matter of what men intend  –It’s a matter of how it’s perceived. But how can men figure out just what is and isn’t deemed appropriate in this day and age of hyper-sensitivity?  Here’s some thoughts from On-Target’s Larry Sparano and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York: