Fmr. Black Panther Associate says most at Capitol on Jan. 6th were not White Supremacists

Not all Civil Rights advocates are going along with the narrative that the January 6th riot at the Capitol was an outright “insurrection” made up mostly of White Supremacists. John Woodford, who knew prominent Black Panthers says the mislabeling is part of a dangerous trend that is replacing facts with propaganda. Here’s his conversation with On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Nick Cannon Fired from Wild ‘n Out: Antisemitism? Racist?

Was Nick Cannon fired unjustly? That’s what Larry Sparano and Rack Attack have been trying to find out:

Blackface: The Unforgiven?

It happened 35 years ago.  Should a racist photo involving Virginia’s  governor drive him from office now?   Here’s the discussion between On-Target’s Larry Sparano and Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:


Tom Brokaw Racist? –A Difference of Opinion


Racist. Behind the Times. White Supremacist Bias. These are just some of the accusations being hurled against veteran NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw. His offense? Advising Hispanics to assimilate more quickly and to use English as a primary language when interacting and doing business in public settings. Is this racism, of just well-meaning practical advice? On-Target’s Larry Sparano has a big difference of opinion with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York. Garrett worked with Brokaw years ago at NBC: