Gerald Celente: Inflation and Interest Rates to Soar!

Hold on to your hats -or whatever cover you still have. Because the earmarks of a coming Greatest Depression are all around us. Famed Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente talks with On-Target’s Larry Sparano about what’s in store for the U.S. and the World:


Wall Street: China Trade War, Trump and Biden

Will the trade war with China and Biden’s chances of being elected play a significant role in what happens on Wall Street in the weeks and months ahead?. Vere Global CIO Mark Collinsworth is with us again, to provide some perspective. in this interview with Larry Sparano:

Wall Street Closes Friday Without Much Optimism for the Week Ahead

The bit of a rally that was seen on Thursday evaporated by time the Market closed this Friday. The Dow dropped 913 points as news of the accelerating spread of the Coronavirus kept investors nervous. Vere Global’s Chief Investment Officer Mark Collinsworth talks about what is and isn’t moving on Wall Street with On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Market Uptick: How Much Hope From Thursday’s Close?

Stocks inched higher on Thursday, following a week of big losses. The Dow gained 188 points, the Nasdaq almost 161 and the S&P 500 11 points. Hardly a turn-around, but does it mean the bottom is in sight? Not necessarily, as Mark Collinsworth of Vere Global Finance explains to On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Partial Recovery on Wall Street: Will It Help Calm the Storm?

After a near three thousand point drop on Monday, the Markets climbed on Tuesday –but not by much. So, what does that signal when the Stock Exchange opens on Wednesday tomorrow? For answers, On target’s Larry Sparano is again talking with Mark Collinsworth, the CIO of Vere Global: